Neocons have been defined, and their ideology explained, a number of ways.

Most of the definitions and explanations given on the internet are utter nonsense, from Wikipedia to The Power of Nightmares. These are clever attempts to tie the current group of policy activists, called Neocons, with past groups that, in some cases, might be considered splinters of conservatism.

Here is a very straightforward definition.

Today's Neocons are a very academic group of conservative Zionists whose policy interest is largely limited to Israel.

Did Neocons direct America into Iraq and Afghanistan?

Of course. Only an idiot would look at America's entry into those wars and deny that it was orchestrated by that specific group.

But didn't we invade Afghanistan because of 9/11?

Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. The Taliban government at the time was entirely dependent on Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. There was not a single major figure in Afghanistan who had any significant foreign interest, except those interests that were directed from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. In fact the Taliban was discussing turning Osama bin Laden over to an international court when we invaded. (Prior to that, the Taliban had said they would not turn him over unless they were given some proof of his involvement in 9/11).

What exactly do the Neocons want?

It has been apparent for some time that Israel does not have the means to defend itself going forward. For a variety of reasons, it is widely accepted in some circles that the state of Israel is on its last legs unless drastic measures are taken.

The Neocon's work in America is made easy by the ignorance and provincialism among U.S. government "experts". In what other civilized country than America could the top military and law enforcement agencies teach its employees that Muslims "hate everything you stand for and will never coexist with you, unless you submit"? This is a line of thinking that exists only in the fantasy world that the Neocons are trying to create. In fact the Neocons say the same things about Christians (with more reason, in fact) to the appropriate audience. It is the good fortune of the Neocons, and the tragedy of America, that in the U.S. loyalty to power is the most respected "virtue". If you have money and power you will find friends throughout the government. If you are an out group laws will be twisted to torment you. The founding fathers of America would be disgusted.

So what's the specific problem?

There are a few problems with Neocon strategy. For one, it has been devastating to America. American foreign policy has not been brilliant in centuries, but today it is downright stupid.

Secondly, the Neocons are unwittingly creating a scenario that may well be more devastating to Judaism than the holocaust. It is very likely that there will be a serious reaction to Neocon policies in America, in addition to the reaction to Israeli policies in America, Europe and elsewhere. It is not likely, at this point, that the state of Israel, and it's fairly thorough control of the U.S. government, will last much longer. When Zionists, and their big stick, are gone, it will not be they who pay the price for past issues. It will be Jews. What is happening is very straightforward. It's happened constantly through history, including to Jews and others.

At this point the Neocons are like a wealthy person who has walked into a casino and gambled away his entire fortune, then been given unlimited credit. The debt has grown to stupendous proportions and there is no way to just walk away. Neocons have brought America to a point where it will soon not be able to defend Israel. Both countries have been devastated by the academic manipulations that were meant to merely protect Israel.

More than anything else, democracy has created a crisis of leadership in America that make any solution very unlikely. John F Kennedy famously said that a military coup in the United States was possible. His realism has been replaced with 9 to 5 leadership. The truth is probably that America is entering a phase where democracy is less a priority than it was in the past.

So what's the answer?

There are a number of ways catastrophe could be averted, but none of them is likely to occur. A smart person should protect their family.