It is becoming more and more common to read main stream articles promoting a one state solution with Israelis and Palestinians.

For diehard Zionists this represents a huge compromise and reflects the realistic fear that Israel may not be defensible for much longer. The balance of power is rapidly shifting toward a combination of a pan Arab or pan Muslim bloc combined with superpower benefactors like China and others.

The main impediment to realizing this stabilizing change is not ideology, though.

Israeli leaders will talk at length about the historic persecution of the Jews, the need for a "Jewish" (i.e., Zionist) state, etc, but the driving motivation to keep Israel Zionist is economic and social. The simple truth is that Israel has a number of wealthy movers and shakers who would lose status and influence in a mixed state.

At a lower level, on the street, many Israelis do not want to live in a place where Arabs can freely travel through their community, buy property, etc. It's the same story as in well off, isolated communities anywhere. America has many towns, still, where a person can be stopped by the police and questioned for "not fitting in", e.g. being the wrong color, looking poor, etc. In some parts of the world a person can be killed for accidentally entering an area where they don't fit in. The main long term challenge of a single state would be to recreate America's "melting pot", knowing that violence might be common until the proper steps are taken.

Lessons from history.

Using the vast resource of modern political history to try to predict the outcome of Israel's dilemma does not offer a lot of hope for that state.

Typically, the leaders of a country like this will grow more defensive and aggressive as they are put further in a corner. Moral hesitations disappear, perceptions stop evolving and the country develops a singular focus on survival.

The behavior of Israel's enemies, led locally by Saudi Arabia but strategically by China, shows a deeper understanding of Israel's position than its own leaders have. It is reminiscent of the phrase from the Soviet Union that ""The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." In this case the Chinese would be telling the Saudis "The Israelis are eating poison, interfere or not, as you please".

What can be done?

The only possibility of a solution would be in a change of mindset among top Israeli leaders toward a rapidly implemented one state solution. For many reasons, including those above, it is unlikely. War is likely soon and there is virtually no chance that the state of Israel will exist in its current form when the dust settles. How it is that this is not visible to Israeli leaders is one of many mysteries for future historians to puzzle on.