An increase in attacks on NATO forces by Afghan soldiers has been in the news.

There are some interesting aspects to the coverage, some obvious elements ignored deliberately by Americans.

Afghans consider themselves warriors. There is no pretense. They don't fight for medals or money. There are no doubts about their collective bravery.When there is a real fight, they fight. When there isn't, they don't.

Americans are not a warrior people. We specialize in loyalty to authority. We fight not because there is a real fight, but because we are told to fight. Those who question the fight are weeded out as liberals or even cowards.

Afghanis fight with whatever weapons they have and seldom will have more than a few hundred dollars worth of equipment on them. Most Americans cringe at going into "combat" with less than several thousand dollars worth of armored clothing, the latest high tech weapons and a radio to call in helicopters or airplanes if anyone starts shooting at them.

So how do you explain this?

American troops say about the Afghans "They are pretty much gutless in combat. ... We do most of the fighting".

Is it that these Americans who say (or think) things like that are some kind of superhero warriors, forced by bad luck to have to work alongside pitiful Afghans? Or are these American soldiers simply so pumped full of lies about their own supposed superiority that they are unable to adapt to working with foreigners?

We are losing very badly in Afghanistan. That is the truth.

But its okay so long as we keep lying to our soldiers, telling them that they are superior to the locals? Does America not even have a single general with the simple common sense to put a little humility in the soldiers?