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 The Psychology and Psychiatry that are used in the mainstream clearly do not work. Well, they work for psychiatrists, who average about $200,000 a year, but they do not work for those of us who are mentally ill.

The Psychology section of this website is an attempt to clearly define those academic areas of Psychology that are useful to mentally ill people and to tag those that are not.

 The first section of the Psychology menu has articles that define archetypes in several ways. Where a person has doubts about anything they should refer to an authoritative source such as Jung's Lexicon by Daryl Sharp.

 The 2nd section, "Ideas", lists some concepts that are important to the study of alternative psychology.

The 3rd section of the menu, "Issues", discusses some well known issues. It's not finished yet.

The 4th section tries to articulate some paradigms. Before a person can gain knowledge in any field there must exist a paradigm that allows for accurate knowledge.

 The 5th section, "Transference", deals with one of many "supertools" in psychology.