Solving America's problems by making more Americans "criminals" is foolish.

What is going on with America?

America's justice system has to balance a lot of commercial interests. Huge industry lobby groups pump millions of dollars a year into campaigns to modify laws in ways that will help their companies.

Most of the big legal initiatives, such as SOPA and CISPA, are entirely conceived and written by industry lobbyists, in collusion with whores in the U.S. government. [Not high end Colombian whores, by the way, rather more like $20 hookers on the run from the CDC].

American law enforcement, top to bottom, have become hacks for groups that can afford to buy laws.

Imagine that you have a huge flea market where you sell things on Sunday. You see an ad in which someone is selling bulk lots of various items of clothing. You buy some bulk lots to sell by the piece at your stall. Unfortunately Homeland Security has prioritized "counterfeit designer clothing" as a result of millions of dollars in political lobbying by the makers of "genuine designer clothing". Government agents raid your flea market stall, seize your goods and now you face up to 10 years in prison and a $2 million fine. FOR SELLING ILLEGALLY BRANDED CLOTHING AT A FLEA MARKET.

Is selling "counterfeit" clothes really such a serious issue?

Americans have recently been conditioned to view "fashion piracy" as a grave matter. There are commercials with ominous music and footage that portray sharing music as a despicable act. Some of the ads are offensively exploitative, but raise no cry because they have "the government" behind them.

Get one thing straight.

The only reason so called high end fashion "piracy" is such a major crime at the moment is because lobbyists have spent millions of dollars cultivating politicians and getting them to make it a priority. The smooth talking, educated agents who enforce these laws can easily use the industry cliches to defend the "justice" of their focus. They can say "stealing is wrong", "a company has the right to the fruits of its labor" etc etc.

But where is common sense? Decades ago Xerox made a machine that copied printed sheets of paper. Then another company made the same thing. Everybody called the imitations "Xerox" too. Then another company made one. And another. All of them referred to popularly as "Xerox" (up to about a decade ago).

If you had gone up to an experienced, sensible law enforcement officer 20 years ago and asked if the imitators of Xerox should be prosecuted, he would have said "Oh, fuck off". The same question to a law enforcement officer today will bring something like "We must defend the law and prosecute those who would trivialize intellectual property rights. America is built on the right to profit legally from the fruits of one's labor".

Where is the common sense? You spend $10 or more on a cd of music and you want to share it. So the company loses some sales. You have bought the cd. Do what you want with it. Free market logic says it is up to the company to find a new way to make money with their product.

Turning law enforcers into industry whores should not be an option, much less the norm.

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April 25, 2012