Is the ongoing economic crisis as difficult to solve as it is portrayed?

Europe and America are in an economic crisis that is getting worse by the week. Even as politicians try to soothe the populace, there is little doubt that we are closer to the beginning of the crisis than we are to the end.

Imagine you landed in a place with five hundred million people living outside, or in caves. People with no knowledge of electricity, unable to read. People with no possessions beyond the days food they had foraged. How many years would it take to organize those people into a functional economy? If you had a vague familiarity with their society and beliefs it might take a few years, but after that growth and stability would increase rapidly.

Some news articles that provide insight into cultural differences around the world.


Notable items.

"Moments later, his parents see him about to be led away to his death. His distraught mother apologises for beating him once as a child and implores her son: ‘Go peacefully. It’s following government’s orders.’"

"a firing squad of about 20 men is briefed by a senior officer before executing condemned prisoners. ‘Some criminals will be very tough and difficult. That means they’ll be dangerous,’ the officer tells them."

Convicted criminals in China can be put to death for 55 capital crimes, ranging from theft to crimes against the state. However, the show focuses exclusively on murder cases, conspicuously avoiding any crimes that might have political elements.

Solving America's problems by making more Americans "criminals" is foolish.

What is going on with America?

America's justice system has to balance a lot of commercial interests. Huge industry lobby groups pump millions of dollars a year into campaigns to modify laws in ways that will help their companies.

Most of the big legal initiatives, such as SOPA and CISPA, are entirely conceived and written by industry lobbyists, in collusion with whores in the U.S. government. [Not high end Colombian whores, by the way, rather more like $20 hookers on the run from the CDC].

An overview of where most Americans stand towards Israel.

1) Evangelical Christian Zionists believe that the modern state of Israel is the same as the "Israel" referred to in the bible, i.e., the collective body of Jews, or alternately one of the ancient kingdoms of Jews. They believe that Jesus or "god" will give them a special reward if they blindly support the modern state of Israel.

2) American Jewish Zionists are a collection of several groups, ranging from older people who believe that a Jewish state is the best protection against a future holocaust to younger people whose primary motivator is loyalty to "their" perceived state.