One paradigm useful in mental illness.

Pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists have developed an elaborate and enormously lucrative business around the supposed "incurability" of mental illness. They have a plump cash cow that makes them very wealthy, but does no good whatsoever for the mentally ill. This page draws the outline of a paradigm that is much more useful, even if no one will make money on it.

Among the real experts in psychology, not Ph. D.'s or M.D.'s, but rather those authentic doctors who have studied medical traditions passed down for thousands of years, the single element every psychological process revolves around is awareness. In other words the first step in an accurate paradigm that is useful to the mentally ill is to see the problem in terms of awareness.

The first step is to determine whether awareness in this paradigm has the property of being allocated (e.g., you can use more for one thing but then another thing will have less), or if it is like a muscle that can be strong or weak.

Actually it has both properties and it is important to understand when one applies and when the other.  (to be completed)