For most people in a technological society, the most important dynamic is group vs individual.

At the heart of every tradition that lasts sustainably, including all religions, is the objective of seeing individuals who do not take their identity from a group. In a primitive society this involves a tremendous psychological process. But in a modern society there is often no real transition, and the result is that no true individual is formed.

People are misled into believing that there is something good about spending all of one's life jumping from one group to another. People in modern society are often taught, in an Orwellian way, that their independence is actually derived from their membership in a group.

 It is worth noting that a major theme of most of the greatest books ever written is this one of the individual being diminished by a group (or brought back toan authentic life by exiting a group. List whatever books you like, from the Bible to the latest trashy novel and most of them, if they endure, focus on this human dilemma.

There is no such thing as a "group ideology" that endures. Everything that lasts through time is safeguarded by the individual.

Nazi Germany is a famous example of an entire nation that seemed under the grip of some kind of mass psychosis. One of the most educated nations in history, but its people had fantastical delusions of moral superiority that somehow allowed immoral acts.

Even in a "good" country like the U.S. a person can find examples of a group that develops ideas that, years later, are seen to be flawed. During the Salem witch trials there was a competition between various worldviews. In retrospect a person can say with apparent certainty "One view was right, one was wrong", and then try to analyze the mechanics of the wrong side. But the underlying reality is actually very simple. Most people take most of their beliefs from those around them. Analysis and facts and logic are tools to defend rather than to discover.

History shows, again and again, that you don't escape a group from within.

Einstein did not escape the Nazis because he was German. He escaped because he was "not German" (i.e., even though he was German). The lure of a group is too powerful for any person to escape unless there is some mechanism in place that draws or pushes them out. Morality is an ideal such mechanism but even it is seldom adequate. The individual drunk with group identity always finds an imaginary higher morality. "Do not kill" becomes "Do not kill except when the group says its okay". "Do not steal" become "Do not steal in a way that offends local laws". etc.