Awareness is the centerpiece of all genuine spiritual traditions.

For alchemists who referred to a secret process that would turn low metal into gold, awareness was the mysterious substance that needed to be added in order for the reaction to happen. The secret Philosopher's stone.

Of all the abilities and gifts and senses that a being has, awareness is the highest one that everyone possesses. You can have any amazing ability or sense or whatever, but they all start and end in awareness.

Some Buddhists spend years cultivating awareness by focusing on breathing or enduring disciplines meant to strengthen awareness. Anyone who has spent any time with that type of person understands why awareness is often symbolized as a light.

Cultivating Awareness.

There are countless disciplines that have been developed over the millennia to build individual awareness. Awareness is at the deepest part of a person and interrelates with all other deep elements derived from it (e.g. will, wisdom, etc), but simple techniques exist to help it.

Buddhism is famous for explicitly promoting awareness.

Buddhist mindfulness techniques are probably the single most common and popular techniques for building awareness. Those techniques are taught through (generally free) programs like Vipassana which should never include an ideological component. Learning how to be aware is good, being told what to be aware of is usually not.

The Four Yogas and Awareness.

Some people have the concept that spiritual development in an individual follows one of four paths.

Jnana Yoga is the path of finding wisdom.

Bhakti Yoga is the path of devotion. This is probably the category most people (including Christians) would fall into. e.g. Devotion to Jesus, or some other person or object who / which objectifies a virtue (usually power).

Raja Yoga is the path of disciplines.

Karma Yoga is the path of service.

Because all of these paths are well tested, and because all successful paths ultimately cultivate awareness, a person can say that these four paths each cultivate awareness in a different way. A curious person could ask if there has been some in depth "scientific" study of awareness and how it transmutes into mundane disciplines etc. In fact there has.