When an event like the recent massacre at Sandy Hook School occurs, the public focuses quickly on how to limit such events. Unfortunately, the debate is usually poorly articulated, inaccurately framed. This article will try to point the debate in the proper direction.

First, Basic Points.

1) First the issue is not "gun control", it is massacre control. Guns are a common variable in massacres that take place with guns (duh), but they are only peripherally related to the event. They are not causal. In modern society there is a rapidly expanding base of means to create mass casualties and targeting the means is counterproductive and foolish.

This article has a very specific focus. For a wide range of general resources and info see http://www.gendertalk.com/info/resource/support.shtml

Obviously a person who believes their physical gender does not match their "true" gender has a difficult problem.

Modern science, including psychiatry, has not been helpful to transgender people, even mutilating some as part of a cure. The central question in looking for an ideal solution is whether the conflict is psychological, (i.e., the result of social experience), or biological, (i.e., physical). This article will try to present a case for psychology being the key.

So long as a transgender person is clearly in a male or female body an ideal solution would involve a psychological identity that matched the birth gender. No person would argue with that. No person could genuinely say "I would rather have a surgeon change my body superficially, than find some insight that led to my identifying with my birth gender".

This is not meant to minimize the perception of the individual. A person has a certain gender identity for concrete reasons and if a person identifies with the gender opposite that of their physical body, that identity is as valid as any other identity a person has. Of course every person has countless identities, gender being only one, and in no individual on the planet does every psychological identity line up squarely with external realities.

Suicide, in some form or other, exists in every society, even among animals.

There are a lot of animals that, when caught wild, will stop eating until they are released or die. The equivalence of liberty and life goes much deeper than any speech by a politician or philosopher. The natural state of life is to correlate with liberty and conversely loss of liberty naturally correlates with death. Many species, including humans, must be specifically socialized to tolerate, or even enjoy, reduced liberty. Note that liberty is very similar to temenos.

People in technological societies tend to add things on to suicide that are not naturally a part of it, and leave out other things that are. So a more clear definition is helpful.

Homosexuality is an enigma in modern society.

There is tremendous social pressure to avoid any understanding of the subject, so the focus is usually on judging, tolerating or accepting.

Despite the popular fears and superstitions about homosexuality, there actually is quite a bit known about its psychology.