Some great conspiracy theories.

1) Drug Smuggling by agents of the U.S. Government

 This is fertile ground. It begins decades ago and runs up to today.

Many people are familiar with Iran Contra, some are aware of indications that some of the funding apparently came from cocaine transported through Central America by people working for the U.S. government. If you are not familiar with the basics you should watch the YouTube video Presidential Secrets.

 Afghanistan was the worlds main supplier of heroin in the 1990s.

By 2001 the Taliban regime had all but eliminated opium poppies from Afghanistan. The global heroin supply dwindled to near zero.

After 9/11 the United States invaded Afghanistan. The U.S. quickly got full control of all Afghan infrastructure. Not a plane could fly without approval and coordination with the NATO armies. Heroin production quickly increased from 185 tons to 5,800 tons a year.

 There are odd stories about the Afghan air force somehow moving vast quantities of heroin without the knowledge of NATO (which controls every aspect of the Afghan air force).

Smuggling of relatively small to medium quantities of drugs from Vietnam by soldiers was never a huge secret.

Investigating drug smuggling by any government is notoriously dangerous. One of the best known of such investigators in the U.S. was Gary Webb, an investigative reporter with decades of experience who apparently became despondent after uncovering drug related corruption in the U.S. government, and committed suicide (with two bullets to his head).

Also note, in 2007 a plane that had been used for renditions by the CIA crashed in Mexico. Aboard were several tons of cocaine.

2) Paul Wellstone's flight.

Paul Wellstone was one of 11 Senators to vote against both the Persian Gulf war in 1991 and the Iraq war in 2002. His death in an airplane crash in October 2002 (11 days before the election) led to a number of conspiracy theories. It should be noted that had he lived he would have been one of the strongest obstacles to the Neocons.

Five months before Mr. Wellstone's death, Common Dreams published an interesting article, here.

Some hard to find articles are still at pages such as

There is strong evidence that some powerful entity has aggressively "sanitized" numerous online archives relating to Senator Wellstone.

3) 9/11

Supposed master terrorist Osama bin Laden, after years of close cooperation with Saudi, Pakistani and U.S. intelligence suddenly goes rogue. It would be plausible except for the glaring inconsistencies that point to something else. Best link to start with is

4) KAL 007

Anyone who followed politics in the 70s and 80s will remember Congressman Larry McDonald. He was a hillbilly conservative, a cross between J. Edgar Hoover and Rep. Peter King. Ultra old school and forever warning about the Soviet menace.

He was also on board flight 007 and disappeared in Soviet air space with no part of his remains ever recovered.

5) Ted Stevens flight.

Ted Stevens was one of the most powerful people in the U.S. Congress. When he was charged with corruption, then convicted, people were shocked. Then a judge announced that the case was not about corruption but rather prosecutorial misconduct. A power broker named Henry Schuelke was appointed to investigate, and he cleared Stevens. Soon after, Stevens died in a plane crash and the lead prosecutor committed suicide. A person looking for some kind of holy grail of political corruption conspiracies would do good to research Henry Schuelke.

It's interesting to note that although aircraft accidents are quite rare in all countries, particularly the United States, they are a fairly common cause of death among controversial characters. Recently, a number of individuals who gave testimony casting doubt on the official version of September 11 have died in aircraft accidents.

6) Begich / Boggs flight

In 1972 the U.S. House majority leader was on a plane that disappeared in Alaska. The pilot was a mysterious character named Don Jonz, whose Wikipedia page was deleted in 2008. Following the politics of the day, there is plenty of fuel for conspiracy theories.

7) The Alaska Corruption web.

There is a fascinating history of corruption in Alaska. It can be divided into components, including a) territorial and early statehood systemic corruption, b) Federal interference in lawful processes with the intent to pacify the indigenous population, c) the recent (2008, 2009 etc) corruption cases, etc.

The last revolves around a character named Bill Allen, CEO of Veco, an oil services company. There is evidence Allen worked for, or cooperated with, the federal government in some way in the 1970s. Interesting too that Bill Allen had sexual relationships with very young girls but those acts were ignored by both federal and local police. Media coverage of the case seems to have been carefully, even expertly, managed. The simple fact of the most publicized case, though, was that Senator Stevens used his power as a senator to provide extremely lucrative benefits to Bill Allen, and then allowed Bill Allen to manage the expensive renovations of his (Steven's) home. There are many other cases that some people have speculated might be related to the corruption cases, including some torsos that washed up near where certain people had parties.

Some older news articles here.

8) Manipulation of federal U.S. agencies by corporate and foreign interests.

A few minutes of searching on the internet will uncover numerous connections between weapons lobbyists and agencies like the U.S. Secret Service. It is common for Secret Service agents and directors to go to work for weapons companies after they retire. But a more tangled, and ethically questionable web is uncovered with little effort.

Tareq Salahi is an Israeli who worked as an agent for the Israeli government. His work in that capacity was not especially hidden, meaning any person with a computer could connect him easily to the Israeli government. In 2009 Mr Salahi somehow managed to sneak past all of the layers of Secret Service protection around president Obama and walk up to the president at a private function. Considering politics, it appears that the purpose of the act was to put psychological pressure on (i.e., intimidate) Obama. The fact that the Secret Service was complicit in this, and that no repercussions resulted, is testimony to the influence of the lobby that connects many Secret Service employees, weapons dealers etc. A person with some knowledge of the issues will see extensive, and hilariously clumsy, evidence of monkey business if they research a bit on Google.

 There have been several cases, in the last few years. of investigations of bribery by high level weapons merchants. Strangely, each case somehow gets derailed and dropped as it nears conclusion. Equally strangely, if you research the individuals and companies involved you will find many former Secret Service agents. Is it "okay" for them to use bribes to sell expensive weapons to poor countries with dictators, since they are prestigious former government agents? Somehow, the cases against them are always dropped or bungled. These corrupt fiascos have been going on for years and they get minimal publicity despite sometimes catching very high ranking officials.

Clearly, the involved would like to project some aura of official sanction for their corruption, but that justification is not plausible. The people they are taking money from know who they are. They know that any useful information that was shared would be passed along. It is a simple matter of powerful people with poor ethics whoring their way to wealth and power.

 9) Ashcroft / Carnahan, et al.   

 John Ashcroft, of course, was the United States Attorney General from Feb 2001 to Feb 2005.

Shortly before becoming Attorney General, he had been in a heated race for a U.S. Senate seat against Mel Carnahan. Three weeks before the election Mr Carnahan perished in a plane crash.

The "conspiracy" elements around the rise of John Ashcroft is not well defined.  [This item will be updated later]