These are some of the phrases that people have searched for on Google, and been sent to this website.

 "Under what circumstance can the government limit a person s natural rights?"

When any person or group, including a government, limits a person's natural rights they do it only with some kind of force or intimidation. There is no authority that exists that can actually give any group the right to take away natural rights. But if a group has enough power they can use that power to force people to pretend that the group has more authority than nature. Governments use all kinds of 'apparent' rationales, usually some form of "we need to help you", but the truth always comes down to "We are stronger, we will do as we like  to you".

"Why are archetypes better than dualism"

Archetypes are not "better",  they are just in a different realm. Dualism is the everyday realm of the world. Everything you can touch or describe, anything that can exist in this world, is dualistic. It has two sides.

In another realm there is not dualism.

Each realm has its strengths and weaknesses, among them that one realm cannot describe or know the other. So, for example, because words exist in the realm of dualism they are not useful to describe non dualism.

"What archetype describes anchor"

 Because "anchor" refers to something so narrow and distinctly physical, you are probably looking for symbols associated with "anchor". A big part of symbolism is context, though, so you would have to be more specific so that a person could guess at what the symbol means for you. Generally, an anchor would be a feminine symbol or a symbol of stability.

What are the derivatives of archetypes?

The most obvious derivative of archetypes is probably words. A word is an attempt to "capture" an idea or concept, but words are used socially, and evolve, unlike archetypes that are not changeable.

"How are archetypes used in language?"

 Archetypes are not used in language, symbols are. Archetypes are something you develop an understanding of, but their nature keeps them from being an element of language.

"What exactly is archetypal"

 Archetypal describes something that is common to all members of the species, an imprint on the highest part of the mind that shapes how we see the world. Look at the other pages on this website.

"What is the archetype of thomas jefferson"

A specific person generally can be a common symbol. You might say he would be a good example of an archetypal independent or archetypal leader. In that sense archetypal just means "the best example".

"Examples of american indian archetypes"

 Archetypes are common to all people. Jung's studies were specifically across many cultures, finding similarities between American Indians and other far distant cultures for example. You are probably looking for examples of symbolism in their culture.

 "Mpemba effect variables"

The person who searched this has a good scientific mind. If the phenomenon is real and goes against a popular paradigm then first a person has to find out which variables are outside the paradigm. Does 180F water freeze faster than 120F water when 100ml of each are placed in circular containers in a freezer at -20F? Or does it only happen in square containers using those temps? A person has to keep adding variables until they see a pattern then use that pattern as the foundation for a new paradigm. An easy Nobel prize.

"Does an absolute archetype exist?"

The absolute, or original archetype, from which all other archetypes derive would be analogous to "god" or the "Self" or any other complete archetype. Going in that direction is more mysticism than psychology because you are not studing the outer development of awareness (e.g.psychology) but the inner.

"What causes archetypes development?"

A person cannot use a language to discuss something in a higher realm than the language. So, for example, words can be used for anything that is dualistic, anything that has an opposite. Archetypes like the shadow, anima, animus, self etc cannot be accurately defined in words, much less can their development be figured out in a "thinking" way. Character archetypes are a notch lower, more dualistic, but they still are higher than the language that would be used to describe them. It would be like saying "There is a box on another planet that nobody is able to see. What is in that box?" It would be easy to find answers but not one single of the answers would be entirely accurate.