Temenos is psychological space.

Any recipe has several types of needs. Ingredients, temperature, time etc. For the mind Temenos, or healthy space, is one ingredient that is necessary for every process.

If a person has everything they need, but lack a healthy internal space, they will become a cog of society, lacking an individual soul. They may function perfectly and seem very content but they only exist to the extent that they are a "part" of something shared.

Some archetypes have a 'magic' aspect.

If you have the ingredients you may have success, without the ingredients you won't. However, there are exceptions. Temenos, for example, is a kind of "super ingredient" in psychological processes, and can allow for the rules to change. If you are short or lacking certain ingredients, the "space" of the process can compensate for what is lacking.

Suicide is an example of this aspect of temenos.

When you look at a suicide it is rarely difficult to find a near cause. You can say "If the person had a different character or more resources or a better living situation etc etc". Those are things unique to the individual instance. But you can also say about any suicide that they lacked healthy space or liberty, i.e., temenos in some way.

A person with adequate psychological space does not commit suicide. Likewise, lack of temenos saps the will to live and always results in some form of suicide.